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Tips For A Successful Trade Show

by: Mike Strycharz, Promotional Products Consultant, Specialty Co., Inc.

So you think you are ready to exhibit at a trade show. GREAT! Trades show
exhibiting is a wonderful opportunity to attract and meet potential customers,
check out the competition, and showcase your products and services. If
successfully executed can be very profitable, if not, can leave you feeling you’ve
made a big mistake. Here are a few tips to make your tradeshow experience

  • Choose the correct show! Do your research, ask the following questions:
    Have vendors who participated in the show done well? Invest in shows
    that reach key decision makers. What type of visitors does it attract? Once
    you decide on a show- Book It!!! Usually the first to sign up, gets the choice
    of trade booth spots. This can make or break your success.

  • Be well prepared for the show! Are your competitors using a custom display
    or a table top? A promotional product consultant can help you with both.
    If it is a table top trade show, you will need a tablecloth which can be
    imprinted with your logo and contact info. (This is a one time purchase).
    Prepare visually appealing handouts that present the benefits and solutions
    you offer. Make sure your contact info is on each- logo, name, tel. number,
    web, and QR code. If you want people to read your product and service
    information and yet want to reduce the amount of paper you bring to a
    trade show- QR codes are your answer. Prepare graphic banners or a pop-up
    stand with eye appealing info about your company or services. Send out mailing and announcements inviting customers and prospects to stop by your booth.

  • Trade show giveaways work! People may joke about the items they receive
    at trade shows, but these items make lasting impressions! You may want
    to have two giveaways- one to attract attendees and one to give to qualified
    leads or current customers. These items would be more expensive and kept out of sight. Let your clients know where you will be exhibiting and that there will
    be a gift waiting for them. Promotional products are used for communication,
    motivation, promotion, and recognition. They can build good will, communicate
    a message and create awareness. Place a QR code on your promotional product and direct the user to your website. A Promotional Product Consultant can suggest the perfect promo item.

  • Make your show successful! Wear a logo shirt to appear more casual and
    approachable. Greet each visitor with a handshake and request their card.Prepare
    your staff with a pocket size conversation cheat sheet with your top phrases. Prepare
    your 30 second introduction, clearly mentioning your company name, your name,
    and your services. Learn to politely end a conversation with someone's who is not a qualified lead. Collect business cards and make detailed notes on the back. Make
    sure you can remember why you saved their card. Wear comfortable shoes.

  • After show- you MUST follow-up, follow-up, and then more follow-up! Have a
    plan. Do not wait a month or two to get around to sending information to those
    who stopped by your booth. Sort your leads into categories based on their level
    of interest. Send a "thank you email" to everyone who stopped by the booth and offer a free consultation or trade show discount. Call your best leads by telephone and schedule a follow-up meeting, estimate, demonstration, etc. Mail your printed material to all the leads you collected to keep your name in their mind while you
    personally contact each one.


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