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People are bombarded on avg. with 3000-5000 advertisements a day (TV, print, internet). Traditional advertising mediums no longer have the same effect they once did 10 years ago. We understand you want greater relevance for your marketing dollar. It's not enough to advertise your services, you expect a type of reciprocity that lets you know you're combating this "marketing resistance". You can achieve this with a relevant, powerful, business promotional product.

Unlike a brochure, business promotional items are designed with the idea that customers will keep and use the item over a certain period of time, preferably throughout the product's life cycle. Target audiences love to receive items such as Padfolios, Flash Drives, etc. from a prospect they might do business with because it's marketing that cuts through the clutter and resonates with the target recipient.

But it's not enough to give something for the sake of giving something out. Consider the following scenario:

Realtor 1
gives a ballpoint pen with their contact information and Realtor 2 gives a ballpoint pen with the tagline "7 Mistakes 1st Time Home Buyers Make". If you are interested in buying a home, which realtor would you most likely contact? What matters most is WHAT's printed on the product. SJS Specialty Company treats business promotional products for what they are; marketing tools to help promote your message.

At SJS Specialty Company, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality business promotional items that not only fit any budget but provide businesses- old and new- with months and years of business promotional products that promote your company's message. Make a lasting impression with business promotional gifts that differentiate you from your competitors.


Donut BoxObjective: A real estate attorney developed a marketing plan-implementing doughnut boxes with his contact information. Imprinted on both sides of the box was "Got Questions? Call" with his telephone number. He wanted to connect with new clients and thank current clients. He alternately filled the boxes with goodies- doughnuts, cookies, candies, pizza, and bagels.

Results: Real estate agencies were thrilled to see him when he dropped in with his "goodies". He saw an increase in calls from agents "asking questions", producing future sales and increasing prospect to client conversions. Overwhelming, the enthusiasm by new and old clients was helpful in strengthening his relationships.

Stan, It's funny because I was thinking about you the last few days because I wanted to reach out to you to Thank you for your offer to take me to lunch. I didn't want you to think that I wasn't appreciative but it's just not necessary. We have had a great run together and you have always provided our organization with a good product and have always come through for us at crunch time. You earned our business by good performance. I hope the relationship will continue with the new administration. Yes, I'm coming down to the wire, with this Friday my last day. Looking forward to it, but I know I will miss all the many friends that I've made over the years. Best regards Stan.

Mike I, Rutgers University

SJS Specialty Company is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary of producing full-service promotional apparel, products and corporate ID-Wear for countless companies and organizations. We know, when in comes to business promotional items, that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Our key asset is our people and our sole focus is on you, the customer. To learn more about the business promotional products and the business promotional gifts we offer, contact us today via email at or via phone at (800) 613-7070.

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