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A year of remarkable change – that was certainly the case with 2020, and with the promotional products that were most in-demand.

ASI has launched a new ongoing initiative that aims to capture the shifting interests of distributors: the Top 100 ESP Searches. Starting with the full-year data for 2020, this project showcases the terms that distributors searched for the most on ESP. Beyond the Top 100, we've broken out 14 different product categories. The data will be updated quarterly (check back in April for the next update) to highlight the ebb and flow of product demand, as well as new trends that are revealed in ASI’s data.

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What trends stood out in 2020?

  • Pens, bags and mugs were dethroned by two PPE items: masks and hand sanitizer. Masks were by far the most popular product search of the year, boasting over half more searches than the next closest product, sanitizer.
  • The other PPE term in the Top 10 product search: antibacterial products, which came in at number 10. Other PPE search terms on the Top 100 list include gloves, reusable masks, coronavirus and face shields. Additional products like neck gaiters and touchless openers aren’t PPE, but certainly owe their spots on the list due to demand from the pandemic.
  • Drinkware is the most prevalent category, with 17 different search terms. Mugs, water bottles and tumblers topped the category.
  • Only two brand names made the list: Yeti and Koozie.

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