About SJS Specialty Company

We are a full service promotional products company offering a wide range of promotional items and services to promote your brand and/or message. We are family run for 2 generations and have 40+ years of experience. Our experience is in all types of industries and markets to include educational institutions, financial institutions, profit and non-profit organizations and all types of small businesses.  We’ve served and have been trusted partners to large multi-national corporations for very large projects as well as small businesses and not so large projects.  Regardless of size of the project or client our aim and goal is always the same and that is: To elevate your brand and message so that it is higher and more highly perceived than ever before.

Why Us

In sum, because of our experience, both national and international, our honesty and integrity and our commitment to assuring your success.  We want to deliver you the very best experience in the world of promotional products and programs!


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